MYOB Partners - don’t reinvent the wheel. Sell it instead!

MYOB ERP Partners

Our team has been developing MYOB ERP extensions for our clients for many years, and making them available to other certified MYOB Enterprise Business Partners in Australia and New Zealand


Because we’re committed to contributing to the economic growth and innovative capacity of Australian SMEs, by helping all SMEs achieve extraordinary outcomes with their MYOB ERP systems.  And the more MYOB ERP users we can help, the more competitive Australia becomes.

That’s why we’re happy to help our colleagues at MYOB ERP partner companies to help their clients.   There’s no need to reinvent the wheel by developing extension for your clients, because chances are that one or more of the BeyondSuite products may very well provide the extra functionality you’re looking for.

How we work with MYOB partners

  1. Simply complete the form below with details of your client’s particular functional needs
  2. We’ll get in touch with you to determine which of our BeyondSuite products would best suit your client, and provide a detailed proposal.
  3. You’ll discuss with your client to gain approval and place your internal order with us
  4. You’ll continue to control all aspects of the relationship with your client, while our team works with your team to manage the implementation.

MYOB Partner BeyondSuite
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Our ethical commitment

  • We will never contact your client directly, without your explicit permission
  • If a request to assist this particular client has also been received from another MYOB partner, we will be in contact with both partners to discuss the situation.