The traditional way to process orders

Old fashioned order process
  1. Staff member receives orders via phone, email or mail and enters the data.
  2. Order information sent to ops via email or printed job sheet
  3. Despatch notification sent to accounts
  4. Accounts matches orders and despatch documentation
  5. Accounts issues invoice and possibly statement
  6. Finance compiles accounting, sales and stock reports

The modern way to process orders

Process orders

When you connect your MYOB ERP solution directly to an ecommerce or customer EDI system . . .

  1. Order entered by customer once and your sales, ops and accounts people notified immediately
  2. Customer receives electronic invoice automatically when order fulfilled, and pays electronically
  3. Reports populated in real time

Our Beyondsync apps integrate your MYOB ERP solution directly with customers, suppliers and 3rd party solutions to exchange data instantly

Eliminate duplicate data

Eliminate duplicate data entry

Cut costs

Reduce administrative overheads

Get paid

Get paid faster

accurate reports

Report with accuracy

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ERP EDI integration

We’ll connect you with the retailers and aggregators

Supplying major retailers or online aggregators (think Amazon, Ebay, Catch) is a bit like playing baseball.  Three strikes (mistakes) and you’re out.

You must comply with their data and logistics processes as part of the contractual requirements, and this means using their EDI (electronic data interchange) system.   We help you to comply by connecting your MYOB Exo or Advance solution directly with their system, so data is entered and exchanged once, eliminating duplicate data entry which often causes errors; and you can stay in the game.

We’ll connect you with ecommerce solutions

If you’re ready to enter the online world for shopping or order taking, we’ll integrate your MYOB ERP solution with just about any ecommerce solution including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.

The magic starts when you update your product info in your ERP and it instantly updates your ecommerce solution.  All online sales orders are automatically imported into your ERP and the right people notified, so there’s no need any further data entry.  Even your reports are automatically populated.

ERP Ecommerce integration
ERP Peppol Networks integration

We’ll connect you with PEPPOL networks

Peppol is the new electronic invoice exchange standard which has been adopted by the European, Australia, NZ, and Singapore markets and is expanding into other countries.

You definitely want to be involved in this, because you can get paid within five days from government departments in the PEPPOL network.   The other big benefit is that an electronic invoice average cost is $7, whereas an average paper invoice costs $30.  So you basically save a wage, reduce data errors and substantially improve cashflow.  A win, win, win all round.

We’ll connect you with all kinds of 3rd party apps

Just about every business had the need to connect with 3rd party apps to facilitate data exchange and reduce data entry.  But many business owners think it can’t be done.

The good news is we can integrate your MYOB ERP solutions with a wide range of popular apps including Salesforce and other CRMs, manufacturing solutions, job costing and management solutions and a whole lot more.

When you first see the productivity improvements and administrative cost savings, you’ll be ordering the celebration cake.

ERP 3rd party apps integration

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