Make it easy for your customers to place orders, track progress and keep information up to date

We’ll set up a customer portal for you and integrate it directly with your MYOB Exo or MYOB Advanced solution.  It will automate the transfer of information between your systems in real time, making it easy for your employees and customers to access and update relevant information quickly and efficiently.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Improve customer loyalty

When you make it super easy for your customers to place orders, track progress and review invoices online for themselves, you’re providing exceptional value.

The portal facility saves them considerable time and reduces their costs, which really cements your relationship, and makes it hard for them to leave you for a competitor.

Reduce Admin Costs

Reduce admin costs

You’ll see a drop in routine enquiries, giving your staff more time to do the things you need them to be doing.

With the reduction in emails, phone calls and data entry you may even be able to save an admin / customer service salary.

Maintain Accurate Data

Maintain accurate data

When your customers access your customer portal, they can easily update key company and contact information so your customer records stay up to date.

And of course, it’s a two-way exchange, so you can easily keep your customers up to date with your important changes.

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