Your invoices can now be instantly available in your clients’ accounting package

Make getting paid easier and more secure with our MYOB-integrated einvoicing portal. Our BeyondEinvoice app ensures your invoices are instant available in your clients’ accounting package, if they belong to the Peppol network.  This extraordinary new invoicing standard substantially reduces billing errors and queries, and means you get paid within five days by any government clients you have, no matter what financial software they use.  It also speeds up payments from non-government clients as well.

What is Peppol?

Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine) is an e-invoicing standard that originated in the European public sector to help make cross-border procurement easier. Today, businesses and public organisations in Australia, New Zealand and some southeast Asian nations are using this network to facilitate a faster, simpler, more secure invoicing process.


No Delays

After connecting BeyondEinvoice to your MYOB system (Exo, Advanced, AccountRight or Essentials), you’ll eliminate delays caused by manual data entry, printing, handling, lost invoices and approvals.

Invoices are delivered instantly from your ERP system to your clients’ accounting system.  All data is populated automatically and in the correct format.


Simplified process

BeyondEinvoice makes sending and receiving invoices faster, easier, and more straightforward – especially when doing business government agencies.

Adhering to government invoicing rules can be challenging, and even then, payments can take a significant amount of time to process. The Australian Government has adopted Peppol e-invoicing, and now, invoices are being paid within five days.


International standard

Governments and business across the globe have embraced Peppol, which is now the standard in Europe and Singapore, and is establishing in Australia and New Zealand.

With BeyondEinvoice, you can invoice any clients in the Peppol network through the gateway – and it’s easy to configure existing customers and suppliers as they join.


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